Art piece cover for art businesses

Art pieces are the main element of art professional assets.

Museums, foundations, antique dealers, auctioneers, galleries or antique shops shall pay special attention to their insurance police, cover provided and amounts covered for their stock. The museums and foundations shall purchase an All Risk Exhibition Insurance Policy. Art Dealers: art galleries, antique shops, restorers… shall purchase an “All Risk” Stock Insurance Policy.

Insurance for art dealers

Art Dealers shall insure their stock and entrusted art pieces through an all-risk stock policy and purchase an insurance to cover their general and business liability.

Insurance for stock of art pieces in galleries, antique dealers, art experts, restorers, etc...

Art dealers keeping a stock of art pieces or works entrusted to them for sale, restoration or expert assessment shall be covered under an all-risk stock policy.

This policy shall cover artworks when they are exposed or stored at the art dealer. Works may also be covered, as an option, during shipping, fairs or trade shows…