programme automotive garantie

After more than 30 years of experience AGIS SAS offers programs for manufacturers, importers, dealers (at car dealers or online sale). Today with the experience, we can offer the Essential Cover for a reliable and serious cover against technical risks of your vehicle, adding peace of mind in the long term.

The Essential Cover

In the event of breakdown of any essential parts of your vehicle for up to 5 years with the following benefits:

  • Repair and towing expenses are supported
  • A cover that can be used in any European car dealers of your choice after validation by our call centre,
  • Unlimited number of interventions
The Essential Cover includes:

any repair of the vehicle powertrain:

  1. Engine,
  2. Gearbox,
  3. Transfer box,
  4. Drive axle
  5. and engine electronic box

The essential cover optimises the resale value of your vehicle, it can be customised by adding some modules of our ADVANTAGE Programme.

Contact us to set up a customised program.