responsabilité civile generale

Control your risks, get a permanent legal monitoring of the special environment of your company, and support in choosing a panel of lawyers who will meet your needs for defence: this is the AGIS SAS proactive contribution.

Liability Cover, Definition

Your company and its manager may be increasingly held liable. Marketing a faulty product, environmental damage, work place accident, accident suffered by a third party on your premises, liability on your acts of management found by your shareholders. Quite a long list… and getting efficient an advice on preventing potential risks that may be incurred as well as their extensive consequences, is a daily necessity

Protect the image of your company should you be held liable or against any media attack

If you are held liable by a customer, by the media, these facts and claims are likely to undermine your image, two solutions are available depending on the situation. One: extending you Liability Policy and two: purchasing a “Protection of Image Policy”, if the generating cause of liability is a major accident affecting customers, visitors or employees. (see Image and Public Protection component). In this specific case, this is an effective solution for crisis management.

We can meet your expectations and needs in terms of disaster management. Get a proactive third-party claim management

Since 1977, AGIS team has a thorough experience in proactive claim management, together with a network of expert lawyers available in their field. Defending your interests is in our DNA and we are actively involved in finding pragmatic solutions for the benefit of our customer interests.

Monitoring, consulting, defence, negotiation with insurers, reaching compromises. Our reputation and our actions are miles away from the number of players in the market who let the customer face his fate, in extreme loneliness.