AGIS helps customers protect and promote their business by boosting their marketing actions

Promotions and games can be effective tools to increase our customers’ sales while generating a financial risk.

Our promotion insurance program covers our customers

First these risks are assigned to insurers with an extended expertise in this special risk area, experienced for decades in all covering and any kinds of promotions.

AGIS helps customers select the effective and insurable promotions among thousands types of promotional events.

The expertise of our insurers combined with the choice of effective promotions allows us to offer innovative, unique, creative and user-friendly solutions to our customers, for a budget tailored to the financial means of the business.

Example of online games industry

In the online game industry, the business is built on their reputation and the satisfaction of their customers.

AGIS lists insurers offering special products with underwriter’s expert in online games.

With this range of available products, AGIS provides answers to their customer key questions and we are able to offer solutions tailored to the special needs of your business through specialised insurers, in accordance with the relevant legislation and insurer’s appetence for the relevant risk.

Point1: What are the lotteries and side games you would like to promote with your customers?

Gambling is a highly competitive business, customers are constantly looking for new and exciting experience, this is why the selected range of lotteries and side games will massively impact the attractiveness of your site and will cause a strong involvement of your customers.

A tailored policy will better improve creative games offered and help effectively stand out from the competition. To this end, risks should be thoroughly assessed and calculated to set up a relevant procedure.

What will be the challenge?

How many players are expected?

What are the prices?

Point 2. What jackpots can you offer?

Lotteries provide an opportunity to earn money that may change the winner’s life. The amount of the set Jackpot is clearly a certain source of increase in commercial traffic and in the financial involvement of customers.

Insurance allows you not to enter such financial burden of a huge jackpot to be won by one of your customers, in your balance sheet.

Point 3. How to set your target?

A legal and thorough review of the promotional operation should first be conducted, and this especially since laws regulating gambling may substantially vary with countries. In this industry, you may be held liable for all your decisions and exposure to claims increases as well.

On reviewing your target market, an expert insurance agent is essential to develop a procedure ensuring operating licenses, administrative laws and the minimum age for participation, are complied with.

Point 4. What is your estimated maximum loss?

The demand of the public in gambling experiences is continuously growing, organisations operating in this hundreds of billions of Euros industry need experts who understand the great number of financial issues likely to be faced with.

Also, your insurance advisor, will be able to negotiate a better rate of insurance premium by improving their understanding of the expected increase in the number of players and bets, and will also be able to work with you on setting up the policy to meet your business financial needs.

Point 5. How will you gain the trust and support of your customers?

The online gambling industry mostly depends on the players’ confidence in your ability to pay the jackpots.

A proper insurance policy is essential to protect your reputation and build your customer trust.

Also, this insurance cover tailor-made to your risk provides a real financial security and peace of mind in the event of losses.