AGIS Special Risk Department is in charge of the Insurance coverage of a social event such as concerts, lounge, reception, conference, wedding, parade, etc.

Our team has been involved in insurance programs for 30 years, for singer tours such as Johnny Halliday, Serge Gainsbourg, Barbara, Madonna, Annie Lennox, Cher, Mariah Carey and Sinead O’Connor. Providing International Tour Insurance, we have covered any and all issues related to events of any size.

Programmes offered are designed to cover the financial risk associated with event organisation

Whether organising or attending an event, our event insurance products can be customised to your needs.

Our Event Insurance Programme includes

  • cover against an event cancellation,
  • ‘No-show’ cover
  • damage cover relating to the equipment purchased or leased,
  • and all aspects of the organiser liability referred hereto.

Our programs cover both occasional and annual insurance and coverage is provided in more than 70 countries. Our Insurers can also provide event or employer liability cover.

Cancellation of event insurance covers among other things any event cancelled or postponed due to adverse weather conditions, diseases, transmissible disease, volcanic ash cloud, terrorism and civil unrest.

The “No-show” covers for key speakers not showing at a lecture, a band or a singer at a concert, the bride and the groom at a wedding and much more…

The “All risks damage” covers event organisers for the value of any property owned or leased for damage or loss.

Event property insurance may cover brand material, audio-visual equipment, communications equipment and more.

This policy is available on a one-off or annual basis.

Our event programme is available for a wide range of events from small to major ones, including:

Exposure Cover, Conference cover, concert and festival cover, celebration cover, carnival cover, fireworks cover, business or private function cover, wedding cover, urban parades cover, cover for indoor and outdoor sports event, theatre show and much more.

With almost 30 years of experience, we can provide consulting services and advise you on the best possible cover.

Based on the type of event, we use the French insurance market or Lloyd’s market which offer policies valid in over 70 countries.