Since 1st January2016, the extended health insurance cover has become mandatory for company employees and applies to each employer. To help you meet your obligations, AGIS GROUP offers a comprehensive offer tailored to the needs of your employees. Business Health Insurance Policy meeting your legal requirements… Modular covers for every budget. Online services for an easier follow-up and update of your policies.

The Solution selected by Agis Group

You can now offer your employees an extended health insurance cover, as required by law from 1 January 2016.

› Learn more about the compulsory health insurance (see the PDF memo attached)

Add value to your business with a dynamic social policy. An indirect remuneration to motivate and retain your employees.

Combine the interests of your business with the expectations of your employees. You choose the common covers for all your employees who may choose additional benefits to complement their coverage.

complementaire santé entreprise

Since January 1, 2016, employee health insurance cover is mandatory and applies to each employer. The offer selected by AGIS GROUP complies with the Decree on the new responsible contract. With this offer, you may be granted an exemption on tax and social contributions and allowance on the insurance tax.