AGIS GROUP vous propose une gamme de garanties financières et caution qui ont pour objet de protéger l’entreprise et/ou son chef d’entreprise des conséquences d’une défaillance.

Ces outils financiers vous aident à sécuriser vos relations commerciales, en sécurisant vos engagements contractuels à l’égard de tiers.

Ces outils vous aident également à sécuriser votre trésorerie dans le cadre de marchés par exemple.

AGIS GROUP specialises in financial securities of regulated businesses

They are securities meeting a legal requirement for certain business activities:

  • Voluntary public auction company,
  • Real estate agents, Property Management companies,
  • Insurance brokers and intermediaries in banking and payment services,
  • Court administrators,
  • Lawyers,
  • Notaries,
  • Bailiffs,
AGIS GROUP also offers securities in the construction field.

Contract Bonds in the construction industry. Bonds intended for property developers for VEFA operations or sale of building for renovation.  Performance bond, renovation work cover, proper work performance proper work completion, including for public-private partnerships.  Bond related to the construction of individual houses: Refund of deposit, guaranteed delivery at price and time frame agreed.

AGIS GROUP also offers environment related products.

Environmental bonds related to the installations classified for the protection of the environment (ICPE), including Seveso sites, quarries, waste storage and wind mills, proper completion of photovoltaic projects.

Here are the benefits we offer:

Insure your contractual liabilities: our insurers are committed to serve as guarantor for services to be provided and work to be performed for your customers in the event of default.

Audit by financial experts: the audit prior to purchase, helps you get advice on how to improve the profitability of your business.

An offer dedicated to your business area: construction, real estate public auctions