Fire Insurance, Definition

A loss suffered by a company (fire, flood, storm…) can disrupt their business and lead sometimes to substantial financial consequences,

We believe that prevention is better than rebuilding. That’s why we place risk understanding and improvement at the core of our approach at AGIS SAS.

AGIS first Objective

Covering the company for an optimal indemnity in the event of a disaster.

Method used
  • A thorough risk analysis by business experts
  • Set up an insurance plan that meets the risk analysis and the strategic choices of the company manager and head and their shareholders.
  • Defining technical rules helps prevent losses within the company, by implementing a prevention and risk control plan by our business engineers
  • The choice of insurance and reinsurance companies meeting the actual needs of the business
  • Insurance policies such as “All risks with exception” policies, are put in place
Agis intervention in case of a fire incident

Since Losses are the purpose of the policy, we believe that AGIS teams must be fully involved in the event of a disaster in order to indemnify the losses and speed up resumption of business.

The immediate objectives to cover the value created by the business

  • Mobilising Insured’s Experts
  • Mobilising the Insurance loss adjuster teams to help the company resume their business very quickly
  • Provide our Insured with financial resources they need
  • Obtain a fair indemnity for AGIS customers