AGIS SAS team has a specific experience with Drouot since 1988.

AGIS is a reference in the industry

After an audit of all claims of the Company of Auctioneers in Paris, we have become the reference broker for said company and have assisted them throughout the major change which occurred in 2000 and which led to the separation of the activities of voluntary sales now performed commercial entities, volunteers sales houses under the control of the Council of sales, and on the other legal auctions conducted by court auctioneers who retained the status of judicial officers.

Statutory changes and especially the regime of liberalisation of the voluntary furniture public auctions emerging from the implementation of the Act 2011-050 of 07/20/2011 are speeding up the change in the practice of the profession characterised by:

The emergence of French Auction houses world-wide
The development of the major British auction houses on the French market, the significant increase of internet sales, allowing potential buyers located thousands of kilometres away to attend the auctions

These events are a basic trend that will open a market long considered local and reserved for insiders, to the general public worldwide.

AGIS team has developed over a long period, a recognised expertise in the claim management and in defending the market players. The great cooperation with the lawyers of the market players has helped smoothly resolve cases often thought lost. Adjustment and anticipation to issues arising from changes in the market are also part of our daily lives.

Our current approach is to make a website available to market players and insurers we work with, in order to streamline the underwriting, management and follow-up of claims. The purpose being to deliver information  24/27, issue instant certificate of insurance, gather all elements to flexibly cover exhibitions, bring changes on employee medical and pension cover to Auction House employees, real time

We hope this approach will help transform the public auctions market.

Financial security plan for Auction Houses and court auctioneers

The purpose of a specific market cover is to get a competitive rate and help influence the claim management with Insurance companies.

One proven method systematically uses the following process with each client

  1. Perform a thorough audit of the business status
  2. In-depth analysis of risks related to past and future business liability
  3. Determine the needs in terms of bond in line with the expectations of the Council of Auctioneers
  4. Implement a prevention policy in terms of objects for auction
  5. Negotiate the special and exclusive legal and financial conditions of the AGIS Insurance Programme for Public Auctions
  6. An A to Z policy management, including legal assistance in terms of claims, taking into account the change of the coverage subsequent to substantial amendments by the Regulator in recent years.
  7. In private insurance we offer you a ‘package’ and pension fund, operating loss after an accident or loss of voice, complementary health insurance covering hospital costs in the best health care facilities not government funded (American Hospital for example),
  8. We provide a pension plan in the business industry and help you get tax exemption to your income.

In appointing AGIS SAS to defend your interests, regardless of your specialty, you can benefit from the experience of experts dedicated to defending your business for 30 years