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You’re coming to France as a tourist or to visit a loved one? Hosting a tourist?

Find out about our Schengen Visa insurance solution allowing you to get a Schengen visa and/or proof of hosting for a period of less than three months or for a long period.

This program has been implemented with the EEU in 1997, available to purchase directly in French, English, Spanish, and Brazilian

For Russian, Mandarin and Arabic, details and policies are available in these languages, and purchase can be made in English.

Who is the Schengen Visa insurance cover for?

Visitors of all nationalities with no age limit on purchase, staying in the Schengen area for a renewable period of 3 months to 12 months…

Highlights of the Schengen Visa insurance

Granting a visa is subject for the applicant to hold a regular medical insurance cover complying with the standards laid down by the European Community.

Since 1997, AGIS GROUP has covered tens of thousands of foreign visitors wishing to enter the Schengen area.

The success of this policy is based on a pragmatic and logical approach

A simple policy that meets the actual needs of the customers
Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospital fees € 30,000
Full medical support Actual Costs
Medical Evacuation Actual Costs
Repatriation of the body in the event of death Actual Costs
Personal Liability - Property Damage € 30,000
Personal Liability - Personal Injury € 3,000,000
A renowned expertise at a LOW COST price:
  • A team specialising in international medical expenses since 1989,
  • A first-rate insurance company – TOKIO MARINE: A ++ (the highest rating).
  • A medical assistance service available 24/24 and 7/7 in over 100 languages,
  • Hospital costs paid for any illness covered under our insurance policy, the repatriation to the real costs, the costs of search and rescue at sea or in the mountains,
  • The essential Liability cover in the Schengen area, often forgotten by our colleagues.
With the Schengen Visa insurance cover, you are guaranteed:
  • The immediate purchase – no age limit, up to 12 months, renewable,
  • All documents issued in 3 clicks
  • A multilingual service accessible to all
  • Swift settlement of claims,
  • A real active support in the event of an accident

Visit our dedicated website to purchase our Schengen Visa insurance cover

Visa Schengen Assurance