Reinsurance Since 1989

Since 1989 AGIS’s team proven reputation for innovative reinsurance and risk management solutions helps clients to optimize capital, manage new areas of risk and achieve operational excellence. Our customers are in North America carriers (ceding and/or fronting insurance companies) and Major MGUs and MGAs’ around USA.

In 1989, Yves Ganansia the President of AGIS was required by major London Insurance brokers to provide European capacity for the American market in order to replace the capacity lost because of the effect of the asbestos crisis which absorbed most of Lloyd’s capacity for a few years. Our solution was to put together a solid reinsurance risk acceptance pool of three major European carriers able to provide the large capacities needed by our American partner.

Safe Passage International – Jim Irwin

Our North American partner since 1989, is James Irwin , the President of Safe Passage International specialized in Student medical programs for Domestic and International Students, Reinsurance of  Employers benefits portfolios of local ceding companies, War Risk Insurance, NGO’s covers, Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Coverage, Travel Insurance and Expatriate Health Insurance. Safe Passage International is also a leading broker of specialty insurance services for travelers worldwide.

Safe Passage International in the last 30 years has built a solid reputation creating insurance solutions for large and small private companies, leading news media organizations, non-governmental organizations, government contractors, quasi-governmental bodies such as the United Nations and World Bank.

Medical Reinsurance and Medical Care today

The healthcare landscape grows more challenging and complex every day. Insurers are compelled to revisit underwriting and operational standards due to new regulation surrounding healthcare reform, advances in medical technology, the unidentified cost/utilization of specialty drugs, and the aging population.

There’s more at stake than ever and that demands agility, responsiveness, innovation and the ability to find the financial capacity.

Meeting the challenge

The redefinition of the operating rules of the Medical market in the USA since the OBAMA Care, have affected the way health coverage is offered, paid for and delivered. Those changes ultimately impact the risk profile considerably, and in some instances challenge traditional methods of pricing and underwriting.

We are here to help our clients manage new areas of risk, in order to achieve operational  excellence in the renewed healthcare landscape. Our experienced reinsurance and risk management French-American team delivers solutions for a wide range of contemporary issues:

  • Affordable Care Act – Consultation on new products and analysis of marketplace and regulatory trends
  • Portfolio management – Traditional and non-traditional reinsurance solutions to meet growth demands associated with fully insured major medical, employer self-insured plans and other medical expense products
  • Medicare Supplement – Market expertise and optimization of pricing strategies
  • Prescription Drug reinsurance programs – Protection against high-cost drugs and utilization
  • Medicare Part D – Helping carriers manage the complexities of prescription drug pricing and its effect on their portfolios.

Clients can also access tailored expertise in a variety of disciplines through our extensive network of care management resources based on our comprehensive know how of medical claims administration in North America.

  • Comprehensive claims administration
  • PPO networks consulting,
  • Hospital and physician bill review
  • Claim/care management audits
  • Specialized case/care management in a variety of diseases
  • Trends in medical technology and costs

You are a carrier or a MGU or a MGA, we’re ready to help you face the challenge of the new healthcare paradigm.

Organization of Health Maintenance Organizations in Central and South America

To offset the shortcomings of government health systems in Central and South America, we have been able to offer very large groups of employees the opportunity to create local HMOs.

A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) differs from traditional health insurance by the contracts it has with its providers. These contracts allow for premiums to be lower, because the health providers have the advantage of having patients directed to them; those contracts are known as capitated contracts. Under a capitation, an HMO or managed care organization pays a fixed amount of money for its members to the health care provider.

Within a capitated contract, the healthcare provider is paid a set dollar amount per month to see patients regardless of how many treatments or the number of times the physician or clinic sees the patient. The agreement is that the provider will get a flat, prearranged payment in advance per month. Whether or not the patient needs services for a particular month, the provider will still get paid the same fee. The more treatment a patient needs, the less money a health provider makes.

With Safe Passage we participated at the creation of a efficient HMO in Guadalajara (Ste of Jalisco – Mexico) with a group of banks which wanted to provide their large number of employees with a decent healthcare.

As AGIS SAS Yves GANANSIA helped the French Hospital of Asunçion Paraguay to put together a HMO – The Southern Star –  with large banking groups and large companies supplying the French Hospital with a number of inpatients that they could not get alone.

Those experience in South America led us to build US medical programs for wealthy Brazilians, and develop specific relationships with CNP Seguros the branch in Argentina of the state owned CNP -Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance.

Agis sas provides Innovative Health Care solutions in the Americas

Our long term experience in the Americas enables us to provide to Insurance companies, Large industrial of commercial groups innovative Health care solutions adapted to the evolution of their local situation. We provide our services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.