AGIS SAS provides their expertise to private or corporate property companies owning or managing properties of any kind (commercial, industrial, farm or housing).

Our method
  • With an extensive experience in the industry, we were able to understand that most of the consequential losses of a serious disaster, may be prevented.
  • To this end, we have been working with teams of prevention engineers who apply state-of-the-art methods of investigation to prevent loss ratio.
  • Engineers inspections result in prevention plans to upgrade buildings, improve loss ratio, conditions of cover and the level of premiums over the years.
  • This very technical approach of risk prevention, based on a professional engineering ensures quality before, during and after the occurrence of a loss.

Such a customer focus reflects unsurprisingly a high level of customer retention over the years.

Our Assets
  • A team of experts dedicated to the preparation, placement and management of insurance policies and claims
  • A comprehensive approach to insurance needs
  • We have an extranet dedicated to the management of the insurance programme for your property portfolio. You can view your property purchases and sales and follow up on you claims…
  • International support worldwide.
Engineering, a major added value to the insured company
  • Our specialists responsible for the setup, placement of your risks are supported by consulting engineers and account engineers strategically placed in our approach.
    • Consulting engineers who visit each site at least once every three years and prepare reports classifying the key risks. Then they recommend prevention strategies (to reduce the frequency of claims) and protection (to reduce their extent).
    • Account Engineers who review these recommendations and combine them with their comprehensive customer knowledge, their mode of operation, their strategic objectives, industrial policy, etc. “What are the sites that most contribute to the results? Which ones are part of the strategic priorities?” As much information affecting the amount of the operating loss cover and help account engineers to set the priorities in the recommendations to be implemented.
  • The close cooperation between our experts and engineers helps them provide a relevant interface with the management of companies to be insured, their site managers, aiming at optimising the “return on investment” relating to the protection of the company’s financial status.
Our solutions

A set of insurance solutions tailored to your needs:

  • All-Risk Property Damage (suited to the needs of each of your property) in the form of an “All risk with Exceptions” Cover.
  • Business Liability ( Developer Liability or property dealer liability)
  • Construction Insurance (All risks, structural damage cover, developer-builder)
  • Completion Financial Cover
  • Comprehensive cover for “Unsold Lots”
  • Comprehensive Building Cover for Non Occupying Owner
  • Cover for Unpaid Rents

AGIS provides

A study of your vulnerabilities and assess your financial loss

A prevention plan and training in risk management,

Assistance in your project management

An effective management tool for your portfolios


A few examples of sites insured by AGIS: