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The Company, Vehicles and Insurance

Your company uses vehicles (car, motorcycle, work site machinery), owned or rented by you, you must

  • ensure your assets and your responsibilities are protected
  • ensure the rules including in terms of risks prevention, are complied with.

AGIS SAS has the skills, the means and the methods for effectively managing 10 to 10 000 vehicle fleets.
We summarised the most efficient policies including the broker and underwriter experience,

As a result, we are able to provide you with one of the fleet products, very flexible and innovative.
All our options are modular with customised limitations and excess.

Upgrading the existing fleet to commercial green fleets:

Whether buses, road trucks, delivery vehicle fleets, and company utility vehicles when they are electric powered. AGIS have a special insurance programme for these vehicles at a very competitive price.

Underwriting available:

  • For public freight companies;
  • For passenger public transportation companies;
  • For company fleets.

Our Expertise

  • Adjustment: prorated, half the difference, photo.
  • Prevention clause, 80% budget used, excess set up for liability cover or custody account for larger fleets

We also offer an online prevention tool for a limited annual budget.