Controlling your automotive risk is one of the major objectives of any freight or passenger transport business.

Freight or Passenger Transport

Transport companies most often focus on the following points:

  • the potential cost savings on their insurance budget,
  • advice in terms of prevention brought by their broker partner to mitigate their exposure to the major liability risk
  • the services and covers to control their repair and maintenance budget in the event of a loss.
  • Related services and insurance policy such as transported goods, needed to avoid missing out on any freight agreement.

AGIS team and their experience in large fleet insurance cover, can offer:

  • In addition to your compulsory traffic liability.
  • A best “package” approach to cover other risks: Fire, theft, damage, financial loss.
  • Advising on the different deductibles or on risk retention that you may want to retain directly,
  • The best advice in the choice of methods of prevention based on the profile of your fleet and your management structure,

We will, of course, also provide solutions in any other insurance segments of your business.

Finally, and since we know how important it is to you, we will aim at a “zero paper” relationship and effective communication interfaces.