Using a celebrity as part of a promotion or advertising campaign has become very common. Organising a campaign involving celebrities often generate very high costs.

But what happens if the celebrity dies, is injured or the subject of a scandal?

The campaign may be withdrawn and this will represent a significant loss for the brand which has organised this promotional campaign.

Who are our customers?

Commercial Ads Production companies or advertising agencies working in TV production

What are the covers required?

Cover for the loss of production costs incurred or lost in booking a studio etc. because of the death, disability or a scandal involving the insured celebrity.

The cover concerns all types of campaigns whether TV, movies or radio promotions, stills, posters, press, newsletter, magazine, brochure, direct marketing, websites, publications and web publications.

Coverage Summary

Death, disability and disgrace insurance provides general cover up to one year from final shooting.

Before the commencement of shooting AGIS may set up benefits for the following events:

  • Death of the insured person during the campaign leading to the suspension of the campaign.
  • Accidental disability of the insured person: any accident or illness that required the campaign to be cancelled or withdrawn.
  • Disgrace of the insured person or loss of image due to a scandal – anything criminal or any action causing the rejection from the public, any act contrary to morality or any situation or event directly involving the insured person and affect their image, any discrediting event, any insult shocking the community which discredit the ad and affect the insured campaign, the company organising the campaign or their products.

AGIS Expertise supported with that of Lloyd’s underwriters, help us provide a comprehensive and competitive cover in the field of the unusual risks.