What is the target market?
  • Professional Event organisers (fair, trade show, Conference, exhibition, conventions and seminars, show, theatre, sports event, fashion parades, concerts.
  • Companies, associations, communities and individuals organising events (cocktails, meetings, seminars, local festivals, weddings, dinners, galas and functions family celebrations, weddings and anniversaries, charity sales, local festivities, Christmas markets, temporary ice rinks, yearly coverage for companies organising events for their own account etc..
  • Producers or film directors (short or feature film, television, feature, documentary…)
What are the solutions?


  • Cancellation, with customised benefits (location or individual, bad weather,…)
  • Damage to equipment (technical, stage, accessories), during the event, including transport
  • Liability, including property made available, locker room, government staff…
  • Individual Insurance Cover for volunteers and if applicable for participants, spectators…

Audio visual (short or feature film, television, story, video recording, corporate films, animated films…)

A comprehensive package including all necessary extensions (downtime, damage, liability cover) all through the production

  • period of production (before production, production, audio-visual documents).
  • a recording,
  • a live

Example of property damage: temporary structures, sound and light equipment, audio-visual equipment, computer equipment, photo equipment, property diagnostic and measurement equipment, sport and leisure equipment.